Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute

Chagpori Tibet


All the streams of the different medical traditions were thus brought together in one institution for the first time and integrated with the spiritual practices of Buddhism. Chagpori became the greatest centre for the study and practice of medicine in Tibet. It was said that in Chagpori, the medicines had two powers: the power of the substances themselves, and then the powers of the mantras with which they were consecrated. The Regent decreed that all main monasteries should have a lama-doctor and so Chagpori physicians spread far and wide throughout Tibet, teaching others in their turn. As a result, Tibetan medicine became widely known in Mongolia, Ladakh, Bhutan and in Central Asia as well, even eventually reaching Russia.

The 'Two Jewels' created by Yuthog Yonten the Younger, the Gyu Zhi and the Yuthog Nyingthig, became an integral part of the Chagpori course of study, and Chagpori students and doctors have since that time been the lineage-holders of this medical and spiritual practice.

Chagpori Medical College and monastery were completely destroyed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army during the Lhasa uprising of 1959. It’s place is now taken by a communication tower.